Nerdle the Cat

Nerdle was Nerdle Pop founder April E. Allford’s family cat back in the ’80s and ’90s. He was born in her childhood bedroom with the cotton candy pink-hued walls, to a orange tabby named Chicky. April and her family thought the name best represented his signature, happy-go-lucky personality. Flash forward 30 years, and Nerdle Pop is a perfect name for a new adventure in publishing, established  2017.

In short, it’s all about a pop of fun.

Whether you love to entertain or be entertained, Nerdle Pop is an equal-opportunity observation of all things fun. At Nerdle Pop, fun is derived from the arts, be it through comedy, music, dance, cinema, literature, fashion, food, wine, microbrews, travel, and more.

Fun is all around us, and sometimes it just takes a closer look to bring it to light. So fellow Nerdles of the world, join us and get in on the fun.

We promise to offer a good ol’ time. Cheers!


Welcome to Nerdle Pop! Where we celebrate the art of having fun.

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